Kiddle Karoo's Musical Puppet Shows 

The Kiddle Karoo musical puppet shows are a unique blend of puppets and live characters. All shows include live singing of original and familiar songs, interactive dancing and comic antics mixed with a touch of magic. Perfect for children ages 2-8, these puppet shows may range between 30-50 minutes and include 2-6 performers making them flexible for most budgets and venues. With a variety of stories to choose from, the Kiddle Karoo Puppet shows can fit many popular themed events.


*Add pre or post-show activities of face painting, balloons animals, game coordinator, crafts, DJ,  or strolling characters for a full entertainment experience!

Educational Shows

Go Green: The Earthday Show

Monster Preschool PlayHouse

Oh The Places We Go

Birthday Shows

Silly Monster Birthday Party
A Fairy Birthday Party
Barnyard Birthday Bash

Holiday Shows


Valentines Day




New Years

Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur

Themed Shows

Barnyard Bash

Monster Playhouse



Frog Prince 

A Little Fairy Tale

Monster Luau

Nursery Rhyme Time

Toddler Puppet Playtime

Under the Sea


*Custom shows available

Monster Preschool Puppet Playhouse


Kiddle Karoo's most popular Preschool Puppet Show! Our Silly Monster Playhouse show reinforces many current preschool curriculum concepts. Through movement, music, and positive reinforcement,  kids help the silly puppet monsters learn about good character, manners, sharing, the alphabet, rhyming, counting, self-esteem and so much more... 


This show is perfect for any preschool assembly program or a fun backyard birthday party.


Comes complete with a complimentary CD! Post-show educational materials are available for classrooms.

Playhouse Puppet Satge

Barnyard Bash


Yeehaw! This barnyard goes out of wack when they get a visit from an unusual Old Mac Donald.  Little buckeroos can kick up their heels for a rootin’ tootin’ good time with this down-home country hoe-down!


This Barnyard Bash Puppet Show is the perfect entertainment for Summer company picnics, Autumn harvest festivals, and any Country Western family event! The barnyard stage also used in our Thanksgiving show.


*No pigs were harmed in the making of this show.

Kiddle Karoo Barnyard Puppet Show

Barnyard Puppet Satge

Kiddle Karoo Luau Puppet Show
Monster Luau


Aloha! This Monster Puppet Luau is a perfect addition to any Hawaiian or Beach themed family event!


Kiddle Karoo’s tiki hut is filled with silly Hawaiian monster puppets. Little Wahinies and Kanes learn to dance the hula, blow a conch shell, twirl poi balls and play authentic Hawaiian instruments at this fun-filled unusual Luau show.  Shaka!


Great for Luau themed summer camp, private & company picnics!

Tiki Hut Puppet Satge

Go Green- The Earth Day Show


This unique musical “Earth Day” entertainment is designed to promote environmental awareness to children and their families. 


Kiddle and her puppet pals learn valuable lessons about recycling, preserving natural resources, and keeping our planet clean. After helping to save the Tree-Sprite’s home, and teaching the litterbug to recycle, the kids become empowered with the knowledge that they too can make a difference!

This musical "Go Green" Eco show is perfect for elementary and pre-school assemblies, Earth Day festivals, and any Eco themed event!

Kiddle Karoo Earth Day Puppet Show

Tree House Puppet Satge

A Fairy Birthday Party

Join Kiddle Karoo and her enchanted fairy friends for a magical, musical birthday bash! Filled with upbeat songs, interactive dancing,  magic, and lots of silly fairy fun! 

Kiddle Fairy Party.jpg
Frog Prince


A “Princess Party” favorite!  This popular children’s fairytale comes to life with Kiddle Karoo's unique twist on the traditional fable, The Frog Prince.


With an amazing castle puppet stage, a slight hysterical princess and a  frog in search of a kiss, this charming puppet show is a perfect addition for any fairytale themed event!


Have you kissed a frog today?

Castle Puppet Satge

Kiddle's Big Top     **BRAND NEW CIRCUS SHOW**


Step right up for Kiddle Karoo's amazing Circus show!


This little Big Top is filled with wacky Circus acts, including silly clowns, zany puppet animal tricks, a not so strong strong-man, and even an over-the-top popcorn concession dude! 


With both traditional circus music and Kiddle's original tunes, this show completes and circus-themed event!


Perfect show to entertain toddlers, preschoolers, elementary kids, and the entire family! 

Kiddle Karoo Circus Puppet Show

 Circus Puppet Stage 

Kiddle Karoo Easter Puppet Show

EASTER: Big Bunny Contest


This Easter, celebrate with Kiddle Karoo's Big Bunny Contest. Kids will hop, dance, and laugh while finding out who will be the new official "Easter Bunny".  The most unlikely contender just might surprise you!

After the show, the bunny is available for photo ops and egg hunts.

Halloween Adventure


Little “ghouls” and boys will find some seasonal entertainment that’s more silly than scary with Kiddle Karoo’s Halloween Adventure. A “spooktacular”, non-scary, fun-filled musical puppet Halloween adventure the kids will love.


Kiddle’s puppet pal Molly is afraid of everything. With the help of Kiddle, a cast of silly characters and the audience, Molly conquers her fears and learns that Halloween is fun, not scary.

Kiddle Karoo Halloween Puppet Show

Haunted Hous Puppet Stage

Kiddle Karoo Christmas Puppet Show
A Christmas Story 

When Rudolph loses his holiday spirit, Christmas may be canceled! It’s up to Kiddle, her puppet pals, Frosty the Snowman, and all the kids to find the magic of Christmas and save the day.


This puppet show is a delightful Holiday romp that brings Christmas joy to all. With original and classic holiday music, this puppet show is entertainment the entire family will love!


Perfect for any private or corporate family Christmas event!

Gingerbread House Puppet Satge

Toddler Puppet Playtime

This "mini" Kiddle Karoo show is perfect for toddlers!  Kiddle Karoo sings familiar children's songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MacDonald, accompanied by fun puppet play. No formal story, just silly puppet antics!


 Our small, adorable,  stage has no curtains. Young children can touch and hold the puppets, play musical instruments, dance and sing along with this interactive toddler show. 

Kiddle aroo Toddler Puppet Show

* Photos display actual puppet stages and puppets used in perfrmances.