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Silly Monster House Party CD

A Moms Take -Review by Brook Hassell 2/14/12

I really enjoyed listening to the music from the Monster House Party CD. I listened to it first before I told my girls about it and found myself tapping my foot and dancing while playing around on the computer! There are some fun adaptations of the songs 5 Little Monkeys (5 Little Monsters) and the Hokey Pokey (Monster Boogie). These are really fun songs to turn on for a playgroup, dance time, or a birthday party. Of course, my kids loved the songs and had a blast dancing around the living room. I was pleasantly surprised to hear real guitars in the songs and some great tunes. I just wish I lived in California to attend some of the concerts!

ONE TRACK MIND, OWTK Kid's Music News — By Jeff 

Kiddle Karoo is the persona/band name of Lisa Clyde, a SoCal birthday party entertainer and kids' musician.  It’s like Ashley Albert of The Jimmies started working on The Street (wait, that doesn’t quite sound right).  “Silly Monsters,” from her debut CD “Silly Monster House Party,” is a minor key monster mash dance fest that, despite being a tad cheeky, is enjoyed by everyone in my house. There are overtones of spookiness in the video (below), but the vibrantly colored characters and Clyde’s engaging smile make for toddler (and at least this one daddy) delight.


 John Wood,

“I don’t know what monsters do for a living - unless they work at factories making stuffed people dolls - but they

sure seem to be having a blast at the Silly Monster House Party! The cool songs hip and hop and rap and rock and

will generally have the kiddies dancing and singing along like rock stars. There’s a nice rock version of ‘Swinging On

A Star’ among the originals. Hey, don’t let those monsters have all the fun. Join the party!” 


Daryl Morgan-That Writer Guy

Music Review: Kid-Friendly Anytime Monster Fun from Kiddle Karoo

Kiddle Karoo offers a monstrously fun time for children - and parents - on her album  Silly Monster House Party. 

The album's lead-off track, "Monster Party" is zippy pop rock invitation, followed by rap-lite "Monstas in the House, while "Monster Boogie" is a take-off on "The Hokey Pokey." There's running little storyline between songs with dialogue and jokes that will also engage kids and probably elicit giggles, too.  

The song "Silly Monsters" is a real-stand out as the tune (and its video) could - and should - get discovered by Disney or Nik with its very-'80s minor key melody and Muppet-ish backing vocals. The chipper, hand-clappy "Kiddle Rock" is another catchy tune, along with "5 Little Monsters," which sort of plays on the kids' favorite "Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," with a dance-happy percusion and guitar breakdown. 

A cover of the classic "Swinging on a Star," which dates back 65 years to Bing Crosby singing it in Going My Way and the song winning an Oscar, fits well here through a contemporary pop arrangement. The playful and funky "Kiddle La Kid," recalls Blondie (really, it does!) and "Silly Monsters Had a Party" takes off on "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" in a bopping rendition.

Kiddle Karoo and her monster crew

Promo Photos

Kiddle Karoo's Monster Concert

Lisa Clyde, an accomplished actress, singer, and songwriter, is the creative force behind Kiddle Karoo's kindie-rock music and children's theater performances. Fueled by a deep love for music, dance, and entertaining young audiences, Lisa and her "Kooky Krew" have earned a special place as one of Hollywood’s beloved children's entertainers.

You can catch Kiddle Karoo and her delightful pals captivating audiences at County and State fairs across the West Coast. Additionally, they bring their engaging performances to Children’s festivals, schools, libraries, theme parks, malls, and various family-friendly events, spreading joy and entertainment wherever they go.




"Kiddle Karoo, a puppet show that is educational, fun and brings the community together!"- Congressman, Honorable Chris Holden.


"Kiddle Karoo is one of the best shows of our Childrens Series every year. The smiles on the faces of kids and parents alike attest to the joy Kiddle Karoo creates. Just look at the pictures! They speak for themselves." Renee Bodie Executive Director, Levitt Pavilion - Los Angeles & Pasadena


"Thank you, the kids absolutely  love Kiddle Karoo!" - Chelsea Phelps Marketing Coordinator, Plaza El Segundo, Kids Club


"This was our first time working with Party Creations and experiencing a 'Kiddle Karoo' show. Our preschool program was looking for something new to offer our students and I must say that we are so happy we decided on Kiddle Karoo! The children were engaged from start to finish. The teachers appreciated the fact that educational concepts were included. For example: the alphabet, manners, rhyming, following directions, and self-awareness, just to name a few. We loved the show so much that we are already considering bringing them back again in the fall! I would highly recommend this show!" ~Reshon Moutra M.Ed, SiteSupervisor, Lennox School District


--you guys were awesome!!! I absolutely loved it!   Un Corazon would like to say thank you again for doing an awesome puppet production for our Power to Inspire and Empower event. We loved all the songs, the interaction, and the puppet storyline. We really hope we can do something similar again." -Edith Ahumada., director of the Un Corazon organization for women.


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